Yellow Rose is a 2007 artwork by Ann Veronica Janssens. Seven light projectors are mounted on a wall directed inward with dichroic filters turning the light yellow. Artificial mist fills the space causing the light to illuminate the air while making everything hazy.

Messiaen’s commentary for the Quartet for the End of Time, III. Abîme des oiseaux (Abyss of birds)

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“The abyss is Time with its sadness, its weariness. The birds are the opposite to Time; they are our desire for light, for stars, for rainbows, and for jubilant songs.” ∑

The star is finally coming into view. The hazy yellow like the rose of heaven fills the space. It is slow and calm and yet it is the end of Time.

I long for the light. I long for the stars. We see the heavens through a twinkling gap of atmosphere and empty space like a clouded mirror. I look back on the star of Christ's birth through the haze of time and history. The clarinet is like geese or fog horns as I try to find my way through the haze. Soon the clouds will break and the light will shine forth clearly.

Or, maybe, they are just some lights in an empty room.

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