Hooded Figure, is a 2015 artwork by Daniel Arsham. An invisible figure draped in a sheet or ancient hood stands against the wall and looks down. The sculpture seamlessly protrudes from the wall making the hood an extension of the architecture. In place of the face, there is only empty air.

Hooded Figure by Daniel Arsham

Messiaen’s commentary on II. Regard de l’étoile (Gaze of the Star)

“Theme of the Star and Cross. The impact of grace … the Star shines naively, surmounted by a cross …”

Our searching takes us back again and again to our God. Though we change, He does not. If we have seen His face, we might look back in the same direction later. Perhaps He is absent, though we could have sworn He was just there. We are reminded that our senses aren’t enough to perceive God in His fullness and that from our earthly perspective, our awareness is perhaps of a moving target. The outline of the figure is there, but somehow the face is gone. Or we hear sounds that are vaguely familiar, but we become aware of a new dimension that wasn’t there before, maybe one we don’t have words to describe.

God - open our minds and hearts to experience You in new ways, and to trust where You lead us.