Amrta, is a 2011 piece by artist James Turrell which is a part of his Ganzfeld series of works. Turrell is an artist who literally uses light to shape and change spaces. This photograph does not do the work justice. None of his works can be accurately photographed because cameras work differently than the human eye. To better understand the optical effect read this article.

The artist has evenly lit a space that includes a stairwell up to one opening. Because of the optical effect, the edges of the space are almost impossible to see.

Amrta, 2011 James Turrell

Messiaen’s commentary for VIII. Regard des hauteurs (Gaze of the heights):

“Glory in the heights … the heights descend to the manger like the song of a lark …

Songs of birds: nightingale, thrush, warbler, chaffinch, goldfinch, Cetti’s warbler, canary, and, above all, the lark.”

Discomfort is a fundamental part of the human experience. Our culture often tells us we should be comfortable. However, through our discomfort God transforms us, ultimately strengthening us, and preparing us for His purposes.

Discomfort can come from not knowing boundaries, limits, or definitions. It can also come from trying to witness something you’ve heard many times from an unfamiliar viewpoint. With Turrell’s art, we see without the familiar boundaries of frames. With Messiaen’s imitation of birdsong, we experience sound from a non-human view.

Lord - You are the Creator of all things. It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by the things You put in our path. But help us to take every experience - whether strange or boring, disturbing or comforting - as an opportunity to trust You, growing our faith and preparing us for how we can best serve You.