Circular Ornament is a sculpture by Levi Van Veluw. It is part of the Beyond Matter series of sculptures made by the artist over the past ten years. It is made of polymer clay with a metal structure beneath the clay. Each sculpture is formed by hand which accounts for its imperfections.

Circular Ornament by Levi Van Veluw

Messiaen’s commentary for Quartet for the End of Time, IV. Intermède (Interlude)

“Scherzo, of a more individual character than the other movements, but linked to them nevertheless by certain melodic recollections.”

How can we know peace when life is not peaceful?

In contemplating this question, the artwork by Van Veluw calms me. I sense a strong centrality in the Circular Ornament that reminds me of my place within a larger reality that I am not in control of. A gracious, loving God radiates love from His centrality.

The Scherzo - literally, a “joke” - reveals humor in places where we don’t expect it. As a stark contrast to the surrounding movements, this brief scherzo reflects upon and quotes themes from the rest of the work. There is space given here to process and reflect; almost as if you are walking from one movement to another, humming what you just heard.

We can forget that our God has a sense of humor. It comes as a palette cleanser in this work, a chance to rest. We can refocus and remember God’s centrality in the respite.

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