Mephisto’s Lounge is a 2021 installation by Marcel Walldorf. It consists of a lounge chair with Christ relaxing printed on it. On the wall behind the chair a heating unit houses a neon light in the shape of bulls horns. On the floor there are two small furry lumps that have apples with bites taken out of them attached to them.

Messiaen’s commentary for Quartet for the End of Time, II. Vocalise, pour l’Ange qui annonce la fin du temps (Vocalise, for the Angel who announces the end of time)

The first and third parts (very short) evoke the power of this mighty angel, a rainbow upon his head and clothed with a cloud, who sets one foot on the sea and one foot on the earth. In the middle section are the impalpable harmonies of heaven. In the piano, sweet cascades of blue-orange chords, enclosing in their distant chimes the almost plainchant song of the violin and cello.”

With Day 22, we begin contemplating the theme of peace.

In Walldorf’s piece, does the distortion of sin explain a view of Christ that conflates his sacrifice with leisure? The apples suggest the path of sin chosen in the garden, ignoring God and choosing other idols.

In Messiaen’s second movement from the Quartet, we receive a different image of peace: an Angel announces that time will end. This might be terrifying for some, but for those who long for God, it is the ultimate path to peace.